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Cultural exchange charity event-

The Child’s Mind YUME YUI2019

Thank you for your interest in this donation campaign.

Thank you for your support for the campaign.

Please enter the following payment method and necessary information, and in the case of credit card payment,

please transition to the payment screen and process it.

In the case of bank transfer, the information on the transfer destination will be sent by email after completion.

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Please select Credit card settlement on the left side.
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Please enter customer information and donation amount.
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Anonymous donations are also possible.
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*1,000yen is about 10 Dollar
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If you have any comments, support messages, etc. to our group, please. Please enter any other questions / confirmations.

We use Telecom Credit's payment system for this payment. When you click "Go to payment screen", it will transition to the Telecom Credit company page. Enter your credit card information on the transitioned page and complete payment.
Telecom Credit will properly manage your personal information and credit card information. (Please check the following page for the handling of personal information.)

If this application and payment are canceled due to customer circumstances, please offer cancellation within 7 days (including the completion date) from the date of application and payment completion. The cancellation method should be the method described in the completion notification email.

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